Why hire a part-time, or Fractional, digital executive?

Your business is thriving and all is good. But maybe a fractional digital executive could help drive your business to even greater success. Or maybe there are some risks you don’t even know about they could help to mitigate!

Fractional Digital Executive

The digital landscape is complex and very rapidly evolving. An effective digital strategy can make or break any business. If you aren’t optimising digital, whether it is for driving sales and marketing or efficient operations you can be sure your competition are.

What are my options?

Once having a senior digital executive on your team was considered a luxury, now it is a necessity. So what are your options?

  1. Get trained-up yourself – great if you can, but the digital environment is deep and complex. It is very hard to get a really deep understanding of all things digital, and stay current. All while you have to focus on your day job.
  2. Use a digital agency – digital agencies are great for delivering elements of a digital strategy, mainly marketing and web design. But the engagement tends to be arms-length on a piecemeal basis which can lead to fragmented solutions. Agencies can also be expensive, not only overheads and margins to cover. Also, they tend to do everything in-house with expensive onshore resources.
  3. Use a consultancy – consultancies are expensive, like agencies and they tend to be less delivery focussed. Their sole driver is to build a team in your business, for the partner to deploy more people to charge more and build their account.
  4. Hire a full time Digital Director – the ideal solution if you can afford it. Someone in your team focussed on maximising your businesses opportunity through the deployment of digital solutions. But full time senior people are expensive. So a significant commitment. Also, how do you know they are the right person? Also, can a single person cover the wide spectrum of ‘digital’ from marketing to operational transformation?
  5. Work with Digital Leaders – have a part-time or ‘Fractional’ digital executive on the team at a fraction of the cost. Get the digital expertise you need with the backing of a network covering all elements of digital from operational improvements to digital marketing.

Start Fractional and Move to Full Time

As you business grows you may be able to afford a full time Digital Director. This would be a mark of success for you Fractional Digital Executive. They would help you recruit the right person and hand-over the reins.

Find out more…

To find out more about how Digital Leaders can find the right fractional digital executive for your business see Our Service page. If you would like to have a chat about your options, or to arrange a free consultation, please drop us a line on our Contact Us page.