Part-time Digital Executives Service Launched

Two senior digital executives have launched a new service to help small to medium size businesses maximise the potential for the use of ‘digital’ within their businesses, by helping to find and provide part-time digital executives.

Tom Cape and Charlie Trietline identified that too many small and medium sized businesses were not maximising digital opportunities, because of the lack of in-house, senior digital leaders.

Part-Time Digital Executives
Digital Leaders helps businesses drive their digital machine!

The only options business had were to pay for expensive full-time staff, external consultants, or have agencies deliver piecemeal work with no coherent strategy across all the elements of the digital landscape.

So a new business for digital leadership was born. A network of senior digital leaders, ready to work one to two days a week, embedded in the leadership teams of businesses. Give the business the digital leadership they need, at a price they can afford. Click here to read more details of the services the part-time digital directors provide.

Executives supplying their experience on a part-time basis are often called Fraction Executives see Wikipedia. While this has been common in business management and financial executives it is harder to find Fractional Digital Executives, Directors or CDOs…….until now!

‘Digital Leaders’ is a network of part-time digital executives, many of whom are managing ‘portfolio’ careers. The consultants may be involved in other ventures, non-exec roles or advisory work as well as working as a part-time digital director with ‘Digital Leaders’.

Working as a part-time digital director or CDO, they bring their significant digital knowledge and expertise, usually only available to large corporations, to the small and medium businesses. The company gets a senior Digital Executive on their leadership team, at a ‘Fraction’ of the cost of perm or consultants.

Please Contact Us if you are interested in discussing how a part-time digital executive could help your business.