New model for SME digital success

The challenge for SMEs

The digital ecosystem is broad, deep, rapidly changing and can transform a business in weeks – for good or for bad!

Digital has become so important to businesses that it cannot be ignored. Almost no businesses can afford not to have a senior executive who understands the digital landscape and how it can help transform and drive the business (or pitfalls to avoid). SMEs are not immune to this.

However, many SMEs are not getting the senior digital leadership they need. SMEs are often not big enough to be able to justify the cost of a full-time senior digital director. The costs of external consultants is prohibitive. Also their focus is to bring-in you other consultants! Agencies are great but engage in a part-meal way, creating fragmented solutions. Who can provide the impartial advice you need at a price you can afford?!

SME digital solution
The digital solution for SMEs

The SME digital solution

So a new model for digital leadership developed. A team of senior digital leaders, who work one to two days a week, embedded in the leadership teams of businesses. Give the business the digital leadership they need at a price they can afford.

Every business has a range of different needs. While no engagement is the same, our team have a common set of capabilities to help deliver digital for your business:

  • Analytical – the ability to break down a complex problems and tasks into bite-sized deliverable parts.
  • Problem solvers – the ability to work through complex problems and find digital solutions.
  • User Centric – always with the customer at the forefront of their minds to ensure user-centric services are delivered.
  • Agile and Lean – Cost-effective, Lean and Agile. Iterative cycles to deliver rapid improvement and early ROI.

As key member of your team, your part-time digital director will tackle whatever digital developments are required to help make you business a success.

What is ‘Digital Leaders’?

‘Digital Leaders’ is a network of part-time digital executives (Digital Directors & CDOs). Most of are network have had many successful years as consultants, or working in corporations, leading digital initiatives.

Many of the team now manage ‘portfolio careers’ combining the interest and fulfilment of helping clients businesses succeed, with their own digital ventures, investments, or other interests outside of business.

SME and mid market clients of Digital Leaders get a high-caliber Digital Director on the team, to drive digital innovation and transformation across the business, but on a part-time basis and at a cost they can afford. It is the new SME digital solution!

As well as their own expertise, the digital leaders can draw on a wealth of experience and knowledge across our network of experts.

How can I find out more

If you would like to read more about how we work, what we do and our SME digital solution, have a look at Our Services page.

However the best way to really understand how we could help, is to have a chat. We are very happy to discuss your challenges and potential solutions and will happily meet with you, if we think we can help. Contact Us to get the ball rolling….