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Working as part of your team a fractional digital director will help drive business success.

Every business has a range of different needs. While no engagement is the same, our fractional digital directors have a common set of capabilities to help drive digital success for you:

Analytical – the ability to break down a complex problems and tasks into bite-sized deliverable parts.
Problem solvers – the ability to work through complex problems and find digital solutions.
User Centric – always with the customer at the forefront of their minds to ensure user-centric services are delivered.
Agile and Lean – Cost-effective, Lean and Agile. Iterative cycles to deliver rapid improvement and early ROI.

As key member of your team, your part-time digital director will tackle whatever digital developments are required to help make you business a success.

Part-Time Digital Consultants

Example Digital Solutions a digital director can help deliver

Digital Review

Rapid workshopping to review current digital products, service and operations. Develop digital transformation strategy and 100 day plan.

Digital Strategy

Define a practical, delivery focussed, digital strategy for the business with an iterative plan to deliver value and ROI early.

Product & Service Design

Define and design the functional requirements, user experience and graphical UI elements for the new products or services.

Marketing & Growth Hacking

Define and deliver a digital marketing plan and related operation focussing on driving down cost of acquisition and delivering growth.

Content and SEO

Helping our clients develop and deliver a content marketing and SEO strategy to maximise online customer acquisition

Agile and Lean Delivery

Harness the latest methodologies, tools and techniques. Define and deliver a Lean, Agile, iterative and cost-effective software development approach.

Supplier Selection

Help find and hire the best agencies and developers for the solution, including offshore and remote cost-effective teams.

Team Development

Help build digital capability within the organisation or hire the future team you need, with the right specialist skillsets for the long-term.

Platform Operations

Implementing digital platform operations, from fulfilment to customer support, ensuring a smooth and effective 24/7 operation of services.

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The best way to discover if a fractional digital director can help your business, is for us to engage with you. This will help us understand the challenges and opportunities we can help with. We will be able to put together a scope of work to deliver your objectives and find the right person from our network to deliver it.

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